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Friday, April 5, 2019

Last week over 230 students from eight regional schools attended our Regional Law Talks program in Warrnambool, allowing students the opportunity to visit the courts and meet legal experts.

Law Talks provides regional students the opportunity to meet some of Victoria's important legal bodies; usually only practical for students and teachers in Melbourne to access due to distance. In bringing representatives to the region, we are able to fill some of the gaps in access faced by regional communities.

"Each year we visit only two regions in Victoria, so it is a very rare opportunity for local students." - David Thomson

Students went behind the scenes of the courts, and heard from a great line-up of speakers, including David Thomson, Nick Gadd, Rod Ratcliffe, Greg Hayes, Lisa Nguyen, Damien Pitts, Michael Aitken, Jane Flanagan and Vaughn Koops. Thank you to all speakers for sharing your insight to our regional students.

"It gave us a good insight into how the courts work and what we can do to sort out disputes." -Thomas Crothers, 18

"It was really cool because it reinforced everything that we've been learning throughout this year and last year." -Libby Holmes, 17

"It was good to get an insight into what we need to know for the course this year, and sticking really close to the study design and constitution." -Guan Bright, 16

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