Foundation welcomes Access to Justice report

Victoria Law Foundation welcomes the release of the Victorian Government’s Access to Justice Review report.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Victoria Law Foundation welcomes the release of the Victorian Government’s Access to Justice Review report.

The Review, conducted by the Department of Justice and Regulation, looks at the ways in which Victoria’s legal sector can improve access to justice for the disadvantaged and vulnerable to better address unmet legal need in the community.

The Review recognises the vital role that free, accessible legal information plays in supporting the community to resolve their legal issues through self-help and referrals to service providers. It also recognises the significant barriers for individuals in accessing legal information, including low-literacy, lack of confidence and the ability to identify the nature of legal issues.

‘We welcome the Review’s acknowledgment of the importance of well-targeted, audience appropriate legal information. We also appreciate the Review’s recognition of the foundation’s expertise and innovation in this space,’ said Joh Kirby, Executive Director of Victoria Law Foundation.

‘The foundation is committed to helping Victorians understand the law,’ Ms Kirby said. ‘While there has been some improvement in legal information, there are still significant gaps, with quality being a major issue, in addition to the need for more innovative approaches to community engagement across a range of channels. This is the case not only for those who are disadvantaged and vulnerable, but also the ‘missing-middle’ who may not seek out legal services.’

‘We will continue to lobby for the best approach to providing legal information for the community,’ Ms Kirby said.

The foundation acknowledges the need for better research into legal need in Victoria a role that it is proposed will be undertaken by the foundation in the future. The foundation looks forward to working with the government to further scope the feasibility of this proposal.

The foundation is considering the Review’s recommendations in detail and will respond fully in due course.

Read Victoria Law Foundation’s submission to the Access to Justice Review; click here.

Please direct media inquiries to Joh Kirby, Executive Director:

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