Health Justice Partnerships: Understanding their design, implementation and value

Integrating health and legal services is a pretty good idea.
Thursday, November 17, 2022

Empirical legal research from around the world has shown that finding legal advice is not always easy and that health and legal problems commonly occur together.

Integration looks like the rational policy response, more in-keeping with people’s needs and capabilities. The next step might be to think about what form of ‘joined-up’ effort best suits the need identified, and exactly how are partnerships developed, understood, and refined. Fortunately, Australia has been at the global cutting-edge, with Health Justice Australia (HJA – the national centre for health justice partnership) a leader in this thinking.

In this webinar we talked with experts in the field Suzie Forell, Lottie Turner and Priscilla Ennals. Watch the full recording below or find out more about our Research Network events.

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