Law and Justice Funders Network

The Law and Justice Funders Network, hosted by the foundation in conjunction with the Reichstein Foundation, aims to share knowledge about legal sector issues and best practice philanthropy. The network facilitates information sharing, discussion around common funding priorities and the potential for joint funding.

The network meets quarterly, and topics for discussion so far this year have been on racial discrimination in policing, justice re-investment, and most recently an address from the Minister for Police and Corrections, the Hon Wade Noonan MLA, around the role of philanthropy and the state government’s vision for policing and corrections.

The next network meeting will be held at Victoria Law Foundation on Tuesday 10 November, 2-4pm. The topic is Indigenous over-incarceration - a worsening problem and strategies to turn this around, with guest speakers Ben Schokman and Ruth Barson, from Human Rights Law Centre.

To find out more about the Law and Justice Network contact our Acting Grants Manager, Melanie Rygl, on (03) 9604 8100 or email.

This page was last updated on August 27, 2015