Legal need surveys - what they are and why they're important | The PULS

In the second of our video series about the PULS, we break down Legal needs surveys to give a little background on the purpose and value of the project.
Monday, November 14, 2022

We're pleased to share our second Public Understanding of Law Survey (PULS) video update outlining what Legal needs surveys are and why they’re important. The first update was a good starting point and here we dig into the context for using a legal needs survey as part of the PULS.

We’re two-thirds of the way through fieldwork for the PULS. This means fieldworkers have spoken to around 4,000 respondents across Victoria to explore how they see, understand and engage with the law.

Early analysis of interim data has already provided useful insights in relation to justiciable problem experience, experience of problem clusters, the impact of bushfires, met and unmet legal need, and the intersection of health and legal problems. There is a good deal to learn from the interim data and we look forward to sharing, in depth, the full results.

View the video update below, or find out more about the PULS.

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