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Law Week Law Talks 2016 now available to Legal Studies teachers and students across Victoria. Video of Law Week Law Talks We are delighted to make Law Week Law Talks 2016 ava...

Friday, June 17, 2016

We are delighted to make Law Week Law Talks 2016 available to Legal Studies teachers and students across Victoria via this film of the event prepared by our Law Week Law Talks partner, the Centre for Innovative Justice – RMIT University. Law Week Law Talks is part of our Metropolitan Law Talks program, and is an interactive, one-day program that engages young people with the law and their legal system. Metropolitan Law Talks is free, and the aim is to bring the law to life for Year 12 VCE Legal Studies students. The program includes a range of dynamic presentations delivered by senior members of the judiciary and practitioners and leaders of key legal bodies, as well as a session on how to succeed with Legal Studies assessment tasks and the exam. The presentations relate directly to the Legal Studies curriculum. Schools from across the metropolitan region are invited to participate, with early registration opportunities for schools identified as disadvantaged by a ranking below 100 in the Index of Community Socio Educational Advantage (ICSEA). The Law Weeks Law Talks 2016 film consists of the following presentations:

  • Introduction by Joh Kirby, Executive Director, Victoria Law Foundation (duration: 2 minutes).
  • Rob Hulls, Director Centre for Innovative Justice: A passion to make a positive difference (duration: 55 minutes). Starts at 2:20 minutes.
  • The Honourable PD Cummins AM, Chair and Nick Gadd, Communications Manager, Victorian Law Reform Commission: The role of the Victorian Law Reform Commission (duration: 80 minutes). Starts at 57 minutes.
  • Deborah Glass OBE, Victorian Ombudsman: The role of the Victorian Ombudsman (duration 81 minutes). Starts at 1 hour, 37 minutes.
  • David Thomson, Teacher-in-Residence: Study Tips and Examination Preparation:(duration 36 minutes). Starts at 2 hours,18 minutes.

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For more information on our school programs, please contact our Education Manager, Fabiola Superina, on (03) 9604 8100 or by email.

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