Victoria Law Foundation welcomes its new role within Victoria's justice system

Victoria Law Foundation welcomes the passing of the Access to Justice bill.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Victoria Law Foundation welcomes the passing of the Access to Justice bill which results in changes to its core purpose within the Victorian justice system.

The Foundation will add a research function to its existing work programs of grants and community education under changes to the Justice Legislation Amendment (Access to Justice) Act 2018, which passed the Legislative Council in the Victorian Parliament yesterday.

‘We are delighted that the legislation has passed, and we can now set about building a research function to make a valuable contribution to improving the justice system in Victoria,’ said Lynne Haultain, the Foundation’s Executive Director.

‘Under the reforms, we will become a centre of excellence for data analysis, research, and evaluation on issues related to access to justice, legal issues and civil law.’

The legislation also increases the size of Victoria Law Foundation’s board from six to eight members.

‘This increase will provide better governance for the Foundation at this critical juncture, allowing broader representation from across the justice and legal system,’ Ms Haultain explained.

The changes set out in yesterday’s legislation came about from recommendations identified in the Access to Justice Review 2016 conducted by the Department of Justice and Regulation.

Victoria Law Foundation will continue to provide civics education about the justice system through community education – including the recent and highly successful Law Week; its school-based program; and training to the legal sector on developing high-quality community legal information.


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