VLF’s final Data Mapping Project report: Calibrating Justice

The final report in the Data Mapping Project summarises the findings and implications to support an accessible, modern civil justice system.

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

We are delighted to release the fourth and final VLF Data Mapping Project report, Calibrating Justice: The use and utility of administrative data in Victoria’s civil justice system.

The Data Mapping Project has been a close examination of administrative data generated by Victorian public legal services, courts, tribunals, and dispute resolution and complaint bodies. This final report draws together common threads and implications from each of the previous three reports.

We found widespread improvement in the use and utility of administrative data across the Victorian civil justice system. There are no doubt challenges in data quality, capability and application, but the findings also indicate opportunities to improve the collection and use of civil justice data through a commitment to quality, broader coverage of demographics, and some layering of data from different parts of the system.

This report completes a foundational project for the VLF – building understanding on how everyday data collection could be harnessed to deliver access to civil justice in Victoria.

Read the Key Findings or download the full report.

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