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Targeted and tailored engagement is necessary to increase awareness of young people's everyday justiciable problems and available legal help.

For young people, links between employment problems and mental health are particularly strong, with psychological distress a common consequence.

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The PULS is a Victoria-wide survey to understand how people see, understand and engage with the law.

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Victorian Law Week makes learning about the law easy.

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The law is often complex. Explaining the law in plain language can be challenging.

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Build capability to understand and respond to legal need

Our grants

Support for projects that help legal organisations better understand and support the legal needs and capabilities of Victorians.

Support for projects that deliver civil legal information and education.

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Following the shift to routine digital engagement when applying to the court for family violence intervention orders, this partnership project between Northern Community Legal Centre and the Australian Muslim Women’s Centre for Human Rights will unpack the range of process issues and barriers to participation faced by culturally and linguistically diverse women within Melbourne’s North-West.

Delivery of community legal education to help culturally and linguistically diverse young people increase their literacy on family violence issues and shift attitudes that allow it to occur.

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We support investigations into civil legal problems, projects that develop data capability or new approaches responding to community legal need.